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5 reasons to become a scuba diver

August 13, 2017


Summer is almost here! For us, that means an eagerly awaited diving season introducing the amazing world under the sea to a whole new group of people. But why become a diver? What’s so great about it? Here are 5 reasons to try scuba diving this summer.


1. The sense of adventure.

Do you love exploring untouched places, seeing things for the first time? To date, less than 5% of the ocean has been explored. Each year new species are discovered. We know so little about such a large portion of the planet. Each dive you see something new and different, even if it’s the same place. The underwater world can look so alien to us, imagine a worm that looks like a tree and when touched it hides itself inside a rock or fish so well camouflaged that they can be right in front of you and you never see them. The endless sights make each dive exciting and surprising.


2. Socialising

Diving is a great social sport.That might sound strange when the whole point is to be underwater where you can’t talk to anyone but you’ll meet a lot of people. There are many dive clubs in every city all over the world and most do weekend trips to different places. In Auckland alone there are several clubs with hundreds, if not, thousands of members, all with one passion in common.






Once you become a diver, you’ll find yourself planning holidays around diving locations. And the best part is pretty much anywhere with a coastline will have dive spots. Whether you want to dive WWII relics in the pacific, see the largest coral reefs in the world, swim with whales, get your own seafood or just enjoy the marine life, you’ll find an astonishing array of options. The hardest part is choosing where to go next.


4. Confidence

Learning how to scuba dive gives you more confidence in the water. You’ll learn how to rescue someone from the water, give first aid, about currents and tides, and skills to be safe in the water. With New Zealand surrounded by water, these are skills which are always useful.




5. Conservation

When you see the beauty of the ocean, you’ll discover a desire to conserve what you enjoy. Unfortunately you’ll see the impact of humans and no doubt find rubbish at your favourite dive sites. When taking your own seafood, you’ll appreciate the effort it takes to find and collect it rather than buying it pre-packaged from the supermarket. Diving will open your eyes to the need to protect our oceans and help in whatever way to the conservation of all marine life.


So the question is why wait? Contact us today to join our first course for the summer.



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